GriefShare Group “Surviving the Holiday’s”

The IRSC is offering a class called “Griefshare” to give tools to help people with the reality of losing someone due to illness or unexpected circumstances, this is the world we all live in.

Many times (myself included) we “think” we are “ok”, but if we are honest, we may discover we have just transferred our emotions/pain to “something” or “someone” that does not help us in our journey with grief and loss.

The Griefshare Group offers a “safe place” to be honest, raw, angry, or wherever you find yourself. Our goal is to help, support, encourage you to keep moving forward in your journey…..which does lead to healing.

Please come try it for 3 weeks and see if you don’t gain some helpful tools, thoughts, suggestions that you can apply to your life!!! We look forward to meeting you!




"Enhancing the community by providing a place for people to SOAR!