Executive Director, Janet M. Laws

Welcome to summer!  I hope you are enjoying the wonderful days that summertime brings and spending time in the great outdoors with friends and family.

The IRSC continues to focus on our fundraising efforts.  Please consider sharing your time and talents.  Volunteers bring with them an energy and special talents that enables the organization that they work with to continue to grow in many ways.  At the IRSC, amazing volunteers give their gift of time and inspire others to do the same.

It is a generous person who is willing to give time to others and expecting nothing in return.  Volunteers are a very special group of wonderful people.  They are not timid to step in when they see a need.  They always seem to have something encouraging to say and manage to say it in a kind way.  Their actions speak louder than words.

The IRSC continued success depends on volunteers.  They have a positive impact!  You may be surprised to discover the wonderful feeling it is to give of your time to the IRSC.  Thank you to all our Members who give unselfishly that help us SOAR and rise to higher heights!!

"Enhancing the community by providing a place for people to SOAR!

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