Executive Director, Janet M. Laws

“Of all human inventions, the organization, a machine constructed of people performing independent functions is the most powerful.” ~Robert Shea~

This is seen at the IRSC on a daily basis.  The volunteers continue to help the Center grow because of their talent and time.  Without the volunteers that help on a day to day basis, the IRSC would not have grown to the size that it is now.  People working together for a common goal makes way for change and growth.   This growth is never the result of chance.

The first 50/50 – 26 week raffle was a success.  We will begin selling tickets for the next raffle at our Strawberry Festival on June 1st.  Tickets will be sold until the end of December.  The first drawing will be on January 8, 2020.

Please mark your calendar for May 1st and June 5th for our monthly open board meeting (the first Wednesday of the month at 10 am).  It’s a great opportunity to meet the people that represent you on the Board of Directors, have an awareness of what is happening at the Center, and expressing any concerns or questions you may have.  Hope to see you then!


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